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Fresh Hop Garland

Fresh Hop Garland




    The hop harvest has finished. We will have fresh garlands available late August 2024.

    Lengths vary but roughly 8 ft (2.4m) and are untrimmed. In addition the bines are natural in presentation with variations in colour, aromas, leaf size and shape, flower distribution and thickness of bine. Whilst every effort is made to accurately portray the product through images on our web site, there will inherently be variations from the individually delivered garland.

    To make the hanging as easy as possible here are a few useful notes.

    1. Hops are scratchy, please wear gloves and long sleeves when handling hops at all times.

    2. Fresh hops MUST be unpacked and hung indoors in situ: as soon as possible on the day of arrival to allow the natural drying process to start. They are fresh flowers and must not be left in the box or outside. 

    3. Hop flowers contain lupulin, a yellow substance that looks like pollen. This can stain, so it is a good idea to use a dust-sheet to protect carpets and fabrics.

    4. There is a piece of string running the length of the garland which makes hanging very easy. Simply hook the string over nails, or tie into position. They can be draped over dressers/kitchen units or beams.  The hops will start to dry naturally over a few days depending on how warm your room is.  We reccommend replacing your garland every September as they will fade to a pale green but this depends on how much sunlight they get.  They will fade less in a darker situation, quicker if placed in a window.


    • All orders incurr a flat-rate shipping cost of £18. We currently only ship to mainland UK.
    • Orders are dispatched Monday to Thursday to avoid product delivery delays during weekends.  
    • Any orders placed prior to the hop harvesting period will be dispatched once available.
    • All garlands will be delivered by courier overnight service.
    • Once your order is dispatched you will be notified by our courier with delivery information.
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